Round globe courgettes are perfect for stuffing and make a brilliant vegetarian main course.

Round globe courgettes can be tricky to seek out, I first came across them in an Intermarche supermarket in rural France, though you may be lucky at a market or greengrocer in the U.K.

They are perfect for stuffing, and make a brilliant main course. This recipe also works with regular courgettes, but I prefer round ones for presentation and lids of the courgettes help the flavour of the filling steam into the courgette flesh – basically they taste better.

I love to serve these stuffed round courgettes with pesto, parmesan crisp, potatoes (roasted or boulangère) and green beans.

The Parmesan crisp adds a fancy final flourish, as well as tasting incredible – it’s a crisp made of cheese what could be better. I hope to share my version another day, but in the meantime I’m sure the internet has one on offer. 

Stuffed round courgettes with bulghur wheat, tomato and capers
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Round globe courgettes are perfect for stuffing and make a brilliant vegetarian main course.
Recipe type: Main
Serves: 4
  • 60g bulghur wheat⁣
  • ½ celery stick, minced⁣
  • 1 small or half medium onion, minced⁣
  • 1 clove garlic⁣, minced
  • 130g of tinned tomatoes⁣
  • pinch of – dried thyme, oregano, chilli flakes⁣
  • 2 tablespoons capers⁣
  • dash of balsamic vinegar⁣
  • handful parsley, chopped ⁣
  • Parmesan cheese, grated⁣
  • 4 medium sized round courgettes (or 8 small ones)⁣
  • salt and pepper⁣
  • olive oil⁣
  1. Cook your bulghur wheat (check packet), drain well and set aside.⁣
  2. Make your sauce. Sauté the onion + celery with a pinch of salt in a little olive oil for 4-5 mins until softened. Add garlic, then the tinned tomatoes, thyme, oregano and chilli. Bring to the boil and simmer for 15-20 mins, until thickened. ⁣
  3. Mix in the cooked bulghur, the capers, the balsamic vinegar and the parsley. Season with S&P to taste. Set aside⁣
  4. Pre-heat oven to 180ºC (fan). Slice off the tops of the courgettes to make little hats, (if the courgette won’t stand up, you will want to level off the bottom), then scoop out enough of the flesh to leave a cavity to stuff, leaving a ½ cm border. Add a pinch of salt to each cavity, then place upside down on a baking sheet along with the lids (this is to allow all the water to escape) and bake for 20 mins.⁣
  5. Remove from the oven and rest for 5 mins until they are cool enough to handle. Fill with the stuffing, top with finely grated parmesan, pop the lid back on and return to the oven for 15 mins.⁣
Filling can be made in advance and chilled till ready to use. ⁣
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