Ceri is a natural chef, food writer and tutor who trained at the Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts in Berkeley, California. During her training, she was introduced to the idea of eating with the seasons, and her passion was ignited for creating dishes around seasonal produce, rather than based on the latest diet or trend.

Through Natural Kitchen Adventures Ceri shares her tips and tricks for eating in this way with everything from healthy mid-week suppers to innovative dishes which utilise root to stalk eating.

When she’s not creating new recipes for Natural Kitchen Adventures, or hosting her event ‘The Seasonal Suppers’, Ceri cooks for yoga, fitness and wellbeing retreats as well as delivering corporate cooking workshops. She also teaches at The Garden Museum in South London.

The Natural Kitchen Adventures app available for ios, was released in 2016, it contains 75 more healthful seasonal recipes.

Ceri Jones | Natural Kitchen Adventures